Why better thinking come with less anxious mind

How to get rid of anxiety
Anxiety switch off those parts of your brain responsible for higher thinking.

Lots of anxiety weaken the neural pathways between your emotional and logical brains.

Its the main reason why you respond unconsciously to situations, and regret later.

After the situation goes, your brain begin to retrieve what's happened, and form better understanding.

Then, you feel that your brain is responding later, or shifted from reality.

Why logic respond later?

In fact, your emotional brain is the best in dealing with danger.

Its faster 7 times than your logical mind, but it works unconsciously.

That means you might feel worries after a dangerous situation ended. Your brain for example might feel anxious when triggered by something related to a previous dangerous situation like a word, sound, or image.

Unfortunately, changing that might take years, but being mindful will decrease your anxiety by the time, and stop your stuck feeling.