Unconsciousness: Undiscovered mind and fake self

How to access the subconscious mind while awake
Inspiration didn't came yet.

I feel boring. Why I'm still waiting until now. How about my dark future, what should I do with it?

We don't have the clue. Every time you wait for inspiration to come, the same thing will happen again. It will elude.

By the time, you'll become depressed of not having new ideas.

Have you asked before how we get new ideas?, where do they come from?, which part of your brain produce them?.

Inspiration is about to strike

During the few minutes before and after sleeping you could explore your best ideas ever.

When your conscious mind decrease its activity, your subconscious mind will move without restrictions, try everything, and see unlimited possibilities.

It’s the perfect time to think of your problems and get fine results.

Alpha mindset

It’s the mindset scientists and artists always live in.

When your brain produce alpha waves, your mind become relaxed, and your consciousness will extend over hidden areas of your brain.

That must lead to form new insights about your issues, and find solutions for your complicated problems.

Thinking outside the box

When you run out of thoughts, that will help a lot.

Pick any random object and think about it until finding something related to your issue.

For example: The sun produce heat and light, the magnify convert light into heat, heat make water reach its boiling point. You could make a water boiler using (sun light, magnify, water..).

Repatterned memory

Your mind doesn't still in present except for a few seconds.

The mind is trying to form a future based on the past by using its repatterned memory.

That looks like the fake charging in mobile phones. The narrator is saying that your battery is full, but when you try to charge it again the charging slashs will move forward.

Pharos civilization

Their thinking was magical.

They built pyramids, one of the 7 wonders. The pyramid blocks were been transferred from too far place from the building position. Workers moved them on wood plates.

There's nothing tie every two blocks together but vacuum.

Rapid typing

Every new skill you learn is been recorded in your subconscious mind.

You'll find it more effective the next time you practice it.

You're reading now unconsciously. That happen faster X times than doing it consciously.

Rapid typing is write without looking for every letter's position. You recorded them from the first time. That happen unconsciously too!