Niche blogs & affiliate marketing tips for startups

New online stuff and work

I learn new stuff, blogging, affiliate marketing..

I wanted them to be my future work.

Bloggers and affiliate marketers earn too much. Both fields in addition to SEO dominate the web today.

Anyone could practice them anywhere on the planet. Even if you don't have experience, there're tons of free/paid resources online.

Know your product's unique selling point

You won't sell any product until knowing what makes it unique.

Knowing your product's unique selling point make it stand out between competitors.

Compare your product with other relevant products, under the same classification like:

  • Link shorteners
  • Bitcoin miners

And so on.

Narrow down your topic

Blogging is my second favorite hobby.

Its enough to make writing one of your daily habits beside reading then, you'll expert blogging.

In niche blogging you could build huge subscribers base, and earn autopilot money.

To understand niche blogging, know the difference between SEO and on page SEO. Niche blogging is interested in sub-topics like on page SEO, affiliate marketing..

Affiliate marketing is an easy branch of Internet marketing, on page SEO is a branch of SEO.

From on page SEO you could pick internal links, bounce rate, or CTR rate as topics to write about.

Niche blogging is good for small businesses, and starter bloggers by which they could succeed online and avoid the hard competition.